About Us

 For as long as fishermen have dipped their nets into the sea, the oceans have yielded their bounty to the world but not until recently has the world recognized the real scope and potential of that treasure.Little Mermaid Smokehouse takes very seriously our responsibility to ensure high quality in every facet of our company: our people, our products, our attitude, and the quality of respect we accord each other and our customers.

As a family-owned smokehouse, we are very concerned with upholding an honest relationship with our customers to ensure that every Little Mermaid Smokehouse product is made with care and devotion, using a 120 year old recipe passed down through multiple generations.

With 25 years of experience in the food industry, we understand that exceeding the customer’s need is vital. Along with our commitment to quality, we understand that it is our integrity and variety which separates us from our competitors.

We specialize in smoking shrimp, Lobster tail, eel, scallops, salmon, whitefish, trout, and many other varieties of exotic seafood. For more details, please visit our Products page.

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